Iron Browser: A Google Chrome Alternative

Michael May 20, 2012

Everyone seems to love Google Chrome these days, with plenty of great reasons. Using this web browser does come with a few potential drawbacks that have all been assessed and resolved by a company called SRWare who have designed a new web browser called Iron.

Iron looks very much like Google Chrome but it removes a lot of the security and privacy issues that a lot of Google users worry about (and often, rightly so).

Key Features

The key features of Iron are:

One box for everything
New Tab page
Application shortcuts
Dynamic tabs
Crash control
Incognito mode
Safe browsing
Instant bookmarks
Importing settings
Simpler downloads
Improved Privacy and security

Privacy Comparison

Here is a comparison of Iron to Chrome in relation to privacy and security that will hopefully make you think twice about switching your browser to Iron.

Problem Chrome Iron
Client-ID Chrome creates a unique ID through which a user can be theoretically identified. Does not exist in Iron
Timestamp Chrome remembers up to the second exactly when the software was installed. Does not exist in Iron
Suggest Depending on the configuration, each time you put something in the address line,this information is sent to Google to provide suggestions. Does not exist in Iron
Alternate Error Pages Depending on the configuration, if you have typed a false address in the address bar, this is sent to Google and you get an error message from Google’s servers. Does not exist in Iron
Error Reporting Depending on the configuration, details about crashes or failures are sent Google’s servers. Does not exist in Iron
RLZ-Tracking This Chrome-function transmits information in encoded form to Google, for example, when and where Chrome has been downloaded. Does not exist in Iron
Google Updater Chrome installs a updater, which loads at every Windows in background. Does not exist in Iron
URL-Tracker Calls depending on the configuration five seconds after launch the Google homepage opens in background Does not exist in Iron
Adblocker Chrome doesn’t have an built-in adblocker Iron has an easy to use and built-in adblocker which can be configured by a single file
User-Agent The User-Agent in Chrome is only be changeable with parameters over a link or command, which isn’t really ideal for permanent usage. The User-Agent in Iron can be flexiblel and permanently changed by UA.ini.


Download Installer | Download Portable (USB) Version

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  • Anne Williams

    I thought that this download is for a new browser, called Iron, why is it called spyware?

  • admin

    The download is called srware_iron.exe – srware is the name of the company who make the software.

  • haselhurst

    Just an additional note to add that I’ve had some fantastic feedback on Iron Browser. For people wanting a faster and more secure web experience this is getting a big thumbs up.

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